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  • Office Window Tinting

    Sola Tint & Style window tint films add visual appeal to your company’s image.

    We have over 100 different types of window tint, gauge and colour combinations of window film designed as contrast enhancement filters for windows and displays.

  • Safety Window Tinting

    Our window tinting films are specially designed to keep intruders out. Protecting your family, your valuables and your investment.

    Sola Tint & Style shatter resistant security films prevent damage to your property from natural disasters, terrorist attacks and criminal activity.


  • Car Window Tinting

    Sola Tint & Style’s optically clear and tinted windows film protects your family by preventing smash and grab attacks while reducing heat and glare by 65% and UV penetration by 99%.

    We have window tinting automotive film to fit your style and dramatically enhance your vehicles appearance.

Insolate your home with our new glass insulation film!

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Window Tinting Johannesburg


South Africa - Johannesburg, Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban, KZN

Sola Tint and Style offer a magnificent range of window tinting solutions to all aareas of South Africa.

  • Protect the interior of your house


  • Improve Finances by conserving energy


  • Guard your privacy


  • Make Your Home More Attractive


What other people who have used Sola Tint and Style Window Tinters are saying:

Sola Tint and Style did the window tinting on my office block, it was tinted over 4 years ago with incredible care and precision and is in exactly the same condition today than when it was first done.